Saturday, May 17, 2008

Please, just buy a dress

So, Linda and I are out for our MNO (Mom's Night Out) which always ends with coffee drinking and reading magazines at a book store. Now, we usually pick up the few crochet magazines that are around, partially to find cute patterns and mostly to make fun of the hideous items that make crocheting look like something that only old ladies who can't get over the 70's do. We found such a pattern. I am flipping when I find what I think to be the worst item to give out as an idea.

Notice the Mother of the Bride - yes, that ensemble is crocheted too and the pattern is provided. Someone will pick up their monthy edition of the magazine and decide "Hey, that is a great idea." Unfortunately, they will be wrong. They should immediately bang their head on the table in order to make them forget what they just thought about. The magazine had more pictures and angles of the dress - No, they didn't help make it any better. The only redeeming item is the veil and no, that is not crocheted.

Now, don't get me wrong. There are a lot of very beautifully crocheted wedding dresses. Especially the vintage Irish crochetted lace dresses. Those do not look like this. Those are stunning. They do not use fatty yarn. This dress used what looks like the fatty acrylic yard I spent hours learning how to crochet with.

I guess at least this bride and her mom will be warm, but they should probably just go down to the bridal store and buy something.


SnoopMurph said...

Perhaps if I renew my vows, I will have the perfect dress.

Again, I still think some of those fringy pom-poms or even a huge crochet bow on back would be just darling!

I also think crocheting a nice sweater for my alpaca would be great.

You definitely need to pick up where the other blog left over.

Raven said...


Glad Linda told me to drop by here. I haven't checked lately. Very funny. Wish the picture was bigger, but somehow the idea of a crocheted wedding dress is odd enough for me. I remember what a nice day we had picking out your wedding dress. I wonder if the woman who made it got famous? It was a beautiful gown (made more beautiful, of course, by a beautiful bride).

Sandi McBride said...

snoopmurph...I wanted to contact you to ask about your family in Equador but this seems to be the only way and this is an old post, so all I can hope for is that you check back every now and again...