Friday, November 30, 2007

Humiliated Dog

My sister has this great little dog Emmett, who I think is a great dog. I am sure he doesn't think of me as anything since he really doesnt like people that much. But since I think he is great, I decided to make him a sweater for when it is cool in the mountains of NC. I found pattern in Crochet Today. I got it all done just in time for her visit. One look on her face - I knew this was not going to fit. My assumption was proved correct when I saw the picture. It looks more like a some sort of PBS super hero outfit - turtleneck cape.

It fits a bit better on her cat. So what did I learn from this? Next time I make a sweater for Emmett, I will do it while I am visiting him, so I can chase him around to measure if what I am doing will actually give him a sweater, instead of a silly photo op.