Saturday, December 8, 2007

I hate Granny Squares!!!

I really don't hate granny squares. If I did, there would pretty much be no reason to continue crocheting. I had taken on the most ambitious project of making my friend a baby shower gift for her upcoming new arrival. Up until this brilliant idea, I had only made hats. So I learned how to make the granny square and made one and then proceeded to make 15 more. I wasn't really thrilled about granny squares after I was finished. I guess I should be glad it was only a baby blanket and not a full on afghan. I will definitely not be making another blanket for a while. I have more hats to make for now. It is getting chilly.

Thanks to The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoler for her listing of patterns..


SnoopMurph said...

Okay, those are adorable-I know much repetitious work you put into it too. The new baby will love them.

Seriously-we turned the heat on toda-brrr! Could you imagine if we actually lived in a cold climate? How did we survive the North Country?
I need to make myself a hat....

vegangirl said...

Nice job! That turned out really great.

Linda said...

Happy New Year!!!

Michael Manning said...

This is the sign of a Happy Crocheter! My Mother does this as does former NFL player Rosie Greer! Very nice!!!

Thanks also for your kind visit to my site. I really appreciated it! :)

Becky said...

Hey...nice blanket.
I crochet to..slef taught.
I am doing a blanket right now with those sques and after a while it does get kinda boring.
I started it when my daughter was a few months old.Shes now almost 3!!
She has gotten alot taller lol,so now i have to make more squares lol.

I am intimidated about joining them,i never joined before and don't want it falling apart on me.

Michael Manning said...

Linda: Have a Happy Weekend!

Michael 2/29/08

Michael Manning said...

Linda: A bit off topic here, but just wanted to let you know I have updated your BLOG Link!!!!:)

Casdok said...

Looks great to me!

Kimi said...

How cute! Every time I tried to crochet a blanket, it ended up crooked. So, no more blankets for me.

Those hats are adorable!

Mary said...


I made my grandson 10 afghans before he was born and made more for my second grandson. The boys still use them to snuggle in - well at least the younger one does. They only go around the older ones shoulders, but he does use them once in a while. Your afghan is beautiful and will last for many years.

If you'd like to make another afghan for a baby, do one with a simple crochet stitch and you won't have to make the granny squares. I just make up my own stitches. It's quite easy. Do a little experimenting.