Friday, August 7, 2009

Back, Back I tell you!

There is a scene in "Field of Dreams" where James Earl Jones's character pretends to spray something out of an old fashioned bug sprayer at Kevin Costner and yelling "Back to the 60's!!" Imagine me spraying legwarmers with this same device and yelling "Back to the 80s!". Now, I had a pair of maroon legwarmers with gold glittery thread running through them in 6th grade. I thought I was very cool. But that was in 1980 something. Since it is now 2009, I really want leg warmers need to stay in my tween memories and not something that my kids may ask me to make. I am semi horrified to see they have made a return... Sigh, it seems like everything does. At least no one is trying to bring back hoop skirts and powdered wigs.....yet.


Diana said...

I like how you talk as though you only had the one pair. We had an entire drawer full of legwarmers, if I remember correctly - which I believe I do.

SnoopMurph said...

I had purple ones. Which went really well with my mullet.