Monday, September 24, 2007

What is this called?

So all of us are fairly new to crochetting. We use the book to to refer what the heck all of the codes mean. So we have our first crochet group. Carolyn and I are working on a blanket and Linda is working on a stuffed owl. We are chatting away about whatever we are trying to do without having to rip it apart again when we hear "What is this skitog" Bad language? A new type of outdoor recreation? No, this would be the Sc2tog stich, defined as: 'sc2tog' means to use single crochet to join two stitches together. It is a way to decrease (make the item smaller.) Not sure if you actually are supposed to pronounce the code in any special way, so Linda took it upon herself to pronoune "skitog". Sc2tog is a great word. It does come in handy instead of swearing. I used it at work the other day - "What the sc2tog are you doing!" or "How the sc2tog are you?". I suspect to see it in Webster's any day.

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SnoopMurph said...

I feel honored that my musings have appeared as an actual title. Holy Sc2togs!